Onwards, Barbarians!
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What differentiates our organization: A struggle that goes against the petty-bourgeois trends and liberal-democratic waffle, and fights for the union of the entire working class, independent of nation and cultural background. A rejection of legalism and a defense of general free usufruct of research and software, independent of any "individual will".
What is the Revolutionary Technical Committee?
The Revolutionary Technical Committee was constituted with the mission to spread class consciousness among workers in the technology field and encourage the use of scientific advancements within the field of computer science towards the revolutionary cause. It dedicates itself towards countering the petty-bourgeois ideology widespread within the field, which has cemented itself over years of a tradition which values the "individual programmer" instead of the collective work, and which encourages tech workers to view themselves as separate from the entire working class.

One of the goals we support is the creation of the Class Union: a revolutionary coallition of unions between every field of endeavour, focused on achieving the class interests of the proletariat and influenced by the Communist Party. By tearing down the mentality of the section of the working class which mostly views itself as "separate", we are contributing towards that goal.

While the Committee is focused on the technology field, and is mostly led by computer scientists, all the working class may contribute to its efforts. Its always in need of volunteers, including but not limited to writers and artists.
What is "Onwards, Barbarians!"?
Onwards, Barbarians! (OB) is the organ through which the RTC's public relations are managed, it publishes the RTC's pamphlets and periodical. It's the banner which all members of the RTC use in public. The term "Onwards, Barbarians!" comes from a text in which the Communist Left describes how communism transcends the manners and customs of bourgeois civilization, in the same way barbarism transcended the old bureaucracies of empires such as Rome.

The Revolutionary Technical Committee posits that the total transformation of society, brought forth by concentrating technological advancement outside of bourgeois science, will be a step of this transcendence. This is why we chose this name for our central organ.
What is our programme?
Our organization:

1. Defends the seizure of power by the proletariat, and the creation of a state led by the proletarian class, which will be assigned the utmost task to bring forth socialism, the lower stage of communism. We understand socialist society as one without money, without states, without markets, and without commodity production.

2. Rejects all opportunist doctrines, characteristic of the bourgeois socialists and of social-democracy. We believe that all "progressive actions" taken on part of capitalism are, in fact, merely dead-end corrective measures to maintain the exploitation of the working class. This does not mean betterment of the conditions of the class is counter-revolutionary, but instead that we must fight against the opportunist discourse that highlights such corrective goals.

3. Recognizes that no technical-scientific development exists above class society: while findings may be deterministic, the way such findings are utilized are not, and the very direction of research is dictated by the bourgeoise's interests. We recognize that capitalism, now in a crisis of overproduction, cannot help but hinder scientific development.

4. Posits as immediate measures the goal of working towards countering the enshrined doctrine of petty-bourgeois individualism in technical circles. From delusions such as the veneration of authorship and denial of free usufruct to legalistic fantasies of a "free society built upon free software".

5. Defends the concept of an united class union, countering the tales of the "grandeur of technology" posed by the latest pieces of bourgeois propaganda which encourage technology workers to see themselves as separate from the rest of the class and as inherent bourgeois allies working in the name of "progress". Such tales serve to counter all efforts towards unionism and to make sure that the worst-case scenario for the capitalists is a small, apolitical, isolated union of tech workers with little power over the field as a whole.